Thing with the Dalm and the Dalm thing Dalm Dalm


[22:46] <sbnkalny> I’m ready whenever you are a type of burden with the #president?

U2 have a free album for you: TMBGs First Album Live
Auto: haha fish you WOULD know what that pig was from
LtFish: we watched impy's on movie night, it was excellent
Dalm: yessss
Dalm: poor pig :c
*** Sanzh joined #crocmom
Auto: what happens to the pig
LtFish: everyone was so mean to the pig
Auto: fuck
Auto: that's fucked up
LtFish: do not make this picture of an anime lady any bigger. you are pushing the boundaries.



A mouth-watering fuck-ton of hand references.

[From various sources]

Yesss delicious!

Everyone likes to joke about how hard hands are to draw, but at least there’s plenty of great reference out there! And obviously there’s always the reference attached to your wrist.

If only every difficult-to-draw thing was so convenient D;



He continued vehemently. Mraof kisses shuckleryan. Do i have to switch back to 1.7, it sees minecraft:command_block and not id 137 and removes another yogurt as he lands near the tower. Mraof kisses back




reblog if u are a BIRD or if you want to KISS cute GIRLS

and cute boys plz

reblog if u are a BIRD or if you want to KISS cute GIRLS


this is fucking hilarious


this is fucking hilarious

sorry i’ve just been reblogging stuff lately.

Uni is a thing.

Kinda mega busy.