Thing with the Dalm and the Dalm thing Dalm Dalm

the best way to stop people putting you a box is to make a new box rather than just getting out.

Also from mogai: "Honey, there is waaaay to long a list to put all of the genders and sexualities. There are as many genders and sexualities as there are people on the planet." Well I guess that answers things. These people do not understand what words mean at all.


slams face into desk


#5744: a ducks says


#5744: a ducks says






im cackling like a motherfucker right now apple introduced a new programming language with the release of iOS 8 called Swift and it accepts Emoji as valid charactersimage

ive been laughing at this picture without respite for a solid 10 minutes now its so ridiculous and i love it thank you apple 


i have no idea if this particular code does because it was a pic linked to me by someone else but after testing real quick myself


yes it does

Oh god

We should all be ashamed. This is horrific.

this is art



watch that fake thumbnail really take off instead of the video, and my face becomes known on tumblr as the face of the guy who must have made a dumb minecraft video that doesn’t exist for some reason

noooo that’s actually happening ohhhhh noooooooo


CorruptedOrchid: they make deep fried pizzas?!
A cute dalm friend.: ahahaha
A cute dalm friend.: AHAHAHAHA
A cute dalm friend.: oh serrys
A cute dalm friend.: youve never been to a scottish chippie
A cute dalm friend.: its not just fish and chips
A cute dalm friend.: (deep fried) fish and (deepfried) chips
A cute dalm friend.: you also get
A cute dalm friend.: deep fried pizza
A cute dalm friend.: deep fried scots pie
CorruptedOrchid: so when the deep frier breaks
A cute dalm friend.: black pudding, deep fried white pudding, deep fried black pudding
CorruptedOrchid: do they deep fry the previous deep frier and serve that
A cute dalm friend.: deep fried mars bars
A cute dalm friend.: deep fried burgers
A cute dalm friend.: normal burgers
A cute dalm friend.: smoked sausage
A cute dalm friend.: deep fried smoke sausage
CorruptedOrchid: you have increased the cholesterol of steam
A cute dalm friend.: one chip shop meal is enough fat to last 2 months
A cute dalm friend.: & enough salt for a lifetime

i was sad today so i got a deep fried pizza.

now im less sad and 20% more likely to have a heart attack.


how could you think an object could have a link to evil spirits when it’s being produced in the same factory where they make the board game mouse trap

well lets face it that’s basically heaven for poltergeists.


What butts!. Oh my god what. Oh my od you guys tonight?. I less than three you guys. I still think it would be considerably less than 7% of the humble weekly bundle.. Humble bundle 12 looks great. Humble bundle. Humble bundle cost. Humble bundle 8